💳Goal #1: Paying off all of my debt in 2017💸

As soon as the money is made, there will be a bill that’s due. 😔 Hopefully, I’ll get enough extra hours at work🕕🕙 to pay most of my outstanding bills. I cannot have them garnishing my hard earned tax money! 💸👋 I been working so much to keep money in our house. I go to work six out of seven days of the week.📆 Plus, they want all staff to attend business meetings on one of our only two off days!! I’m not complaining but I am tired sometimes. 

I’m blessed with a job and I pray that I’m able to become an asset to the company.📈 I strive for every opportunity to cross train in different departments. My most important short term goal is to have all but one of my outstanding debts paid off by December.💰 While paying my debts off, I want to still be able to rent a single family home for my small family.🏡 I don’t think these goals are too far to reach at all.💪💯 When I reach the goal of paying these debts, I get closer to my long term goal of having great credit!💳 

DC 😘

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