🚌 10 things I hate about public transportation 🚋

10 things I hate about public transportation:

  1. People who reach over you after you offer to ring the bell for them.
  2. That one disrespectful group of kids on the bus cursing, being loud and rude. (When I was growing up you never let adults hear you curse.)
  3. Those people who sit on their cellphones like they’re in their living room. (No one wants to hear your conversation.)
  4. Those bus drivers who ask you to break your stroller down.
  5. People who get on the bus with food when I’m hungry. 
  6. Those couples on the bus who keep kissing each other with extra wet lips. (Knock it off! Eww!)
  7. Those people with bad kids that run up and down the aisles.
  8. People with mental disabilities who yell out and talk violently to invisible people.
  9. Bus drivers that pass you because the bus is full or whatever reason they come up with so they don’t seem like jerks. 
  10. Those people that stand in the aisle in front of the door when they are plenty of seats.

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