📚New Book! 🎆📇 Great Read!🔌

I learned to read at an early age. By forth grade, I had college level reading comprehension skills. That is when I read my first chapter book. It had twenty-five chapters and I stayed up all night reading. I felt so accomplished because I read it in two days. I have always enjoyed taking a break from the world with a good book. Great books seem to always find me. 

This morning I was looking my Google play store for books and I found a e-book I haven’t been able to put down. It’s called “The 48 Laws of Power”, written by Robert Greene. I started reading the sample on my lunch break at work so, I’ve been hooked! I’m only at law three, but it’s really good. Forty five more laws to go. There are quite a few good titles in the table of contents. 

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