🔩Eat Clean Stay Active🍴

Clean eating begins at the grocery store.🍇 It is ok to slip up everyone in a while. Do not make this a habit.🚫 If you know you haven’t been eating as healthy as you can, make the next meal choice a healthy one.🌿 Find healthy recipes that you and your family like and make them more often. Swap out one regular meal a week for healthy calorie conscious meals.🍴 In our home, we do a lot of baking and flame broiling our meats.🔥

Always remember that along with eating good you have to work out!🔩 We try to work out on our days off, that’s twice a week.🏃 Lately it hasn’t been consistent. We are definitely working on it. When we get back on our schedule, it will be twice a week for 2 hours each.💪 

Working out and clean eating are very important when you are body concious.💃Only drink water and warm herbal or fruit teas to stay hydrated.💦My favorite fruit tea is cranberry apple!🍏What’s yours?

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