👿 Hair Issues 💇

My hair type is so stressful sometimes.🚨 You can only comb it properly while wet. You must comb from end tips to root for maximum comfort.🙏 Do not use any hard plastic hair care products (combs, hair picks, wig brushes, etc.) that aren’t unbreakable.🚫 Be sure to wash three times with Dove Shampoo, and once with medicated shampoo.🔌 Leave medicated shampoo on for five minutes covered with a short cap. Rinse hair of shampoo and comb through Dove conditioner.🚿 Let conditioner sit for another five minutes and rinse with cold water. Towel dry hair, apply medicated oil while hair is damp, comb through, blow dry and style as desired.💇

I try to avoid putting a lot of different chemicals in my body and hair. 🌿 I also try to limit the amount of heat I put on my hair, to avoid heat damage.🔥I like sticking with protective styles. Box Braids, Sew-Ins, Senegalese Twists, and Faux Locs are just a few of the styles I’ve been interested in. 

Photo Credit: @tawannasimone on IG

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