🌃 The Morning After Two Consecutive Off Days 💼

I’m supposed to clean the house and do all the washing during my second off day. That way at night, I can lay me and my sons clothes out for the next morning. He has daycare and I have to work. I lay all his clothes out in the office next to the bathroom. As soon as he gets up, we go to the potty.🚽 While he sits on the potty we sing songs 🎶 🎤 and I get dressed. When we both are dressed, we have breakfast and go over shapes and color flash cards.

After we finish breakfast we put our coats on, leave our clean home and head to the bus. The bus ride get long sometimes.🕗 I have a few toys packed away in my son’s daycare bag. Some mornings, my son travels better than others.🚌 I always give him lots of credit because he’s only two years old.👦 He is tall, smart, and a real communicator. He will talk you to death.💀

I’m trying to work with the teachers on potty training. Honestly,
We’ve been working with his daycare teachers potty training. I know he’s ready. We are going to keep at it. He’s my favorite part of the morning.🏡 I wake him up with kisses and tickles. 💋

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