🌱 New Beginnings…🌷

I am super excited to have started this blog.🎉 This is something I have always wanted to do.😍 I love to share my experiences and knowledge with others.🎁 I work full time in customer service. I have over 8 years of customer service skills. When I’m not hard at work, I’m at home with my family.👪 I don’t get to spend enough time with them.😖

I am determined to build a life that is full of fun and financial stability.💪 As I build this life for my family, I will walk you through the process in this blog.🏃 I’ll take you through some of my experiences as well as introduce you to my inner thoughts.🏦 This is a new beginning for me and I know that I will inspire many people to take the road less traveled.🏫 If you have any post ideas for the blog feel free to send in your contact information.

Thanks for stopping by! 👋
Love DC 💋

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